Sightseeing around the Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Lutherstadt Wittenberg

A short distance down the river Elbe, the Luther Town Wittenberg is located, world famous as the starting point of the Reformation in 1517. Martin Luther lived and taught here, and here he struck his 95 theses at the door of the Wittenberg Castle Church. From far and wide the students flocked to the local university, and by numerous personalities such as Philipp Melanchthon or Lucas Cranach developed an important cultural and religious center.

Even today, the world-famous Reformation sites such as the Castle Church, Lutherhaus or Stadtkirche still attract numerous guests from all over the world and give the city an outstanding importance. The impressive, lovingly restored old town is always worth a visit.

The Woerlitz Park

In the immediate vicinity is the Woerlitz Park, one of the earliest landscaped gardens in Europe and attraction for nature and architecture lovers and part of the Dessau - Woerlitz garden kingdom. Already since the second half of the 18th century, numerous networked landscaped gardens of english origin with buildings and garden sculptures, which corresponded to the then idea of the Enlightenment.

In addition to picturesque interwoven meadows, lakes and forests, it is the numerous buildings that delight the eye. The Woerlitz Castle, the Gothic House, Venus Temple or Villa Hamilton are just a few of the attractions of Woerlitz Park. The public accessibility of buildings and gardens was part of the educational concept for the humanization of society. Especially through the garden design should be taught more than 200 years ago education. Rare shrubs and plants, literary garden scenes and entire landscapes were grown with the help of gardening in front of the astonished contemporaries. Especially recommended is a gondola ride on the Woerlitz lake.

Bauhaus City Dessau

Dessau is world famous through the Bauhaus, cradle of modern architecture. With the Bauhaus building, the master houses and the granary, just to name a few examples, there are numerous buildings that attract tourists. In addition to other modern attractions such as the Mulde Bridge or the Federal Environment Agency, the generously landscaped gardens in and around Dessau are other attractions. Worth seeing are the castle Mosigkau, the Luisium and the Georgium. Another highlight is the Dessau - Woerlitz railway, here you can commute comfortably and comfortably between Dessau and Woerlitz - bicycle transport possible.